Atour Lifestyle Holdings Limited is a leading lifestyle brand in China. According to Frost & Sullivan,we are the largest upper midscale hotel chain in China in terms of room numbers as of the end of 2023. As of December 31, 2023, our hotel network covered 1,210 hotels, spanning 198 cities in China, with a total of 137,921 hotel rooms. These included 1,178 manachised hotels with a total of 133,291 manachised hotel rooms, in addition to a pipeline of 617 hotels with a total of 62,689 rooms under development.


Through our hotel network, loyalty program and data technology capabilities, we have been tirelessly exploring novel ways to set new trends for China’s hospitality industry and expand our offerings beyond hotels. We distinguish ourselves from our peers in the following ways:


  • Hotel network with a distinct portfolio of lifestyle brands. We offer our guests a diversified collection of lifestyle hotel brands, each created with a unique personality, under the unified ethos of inclusivity and presence of humanness.
  • "A-Card" loyalty program with strong customer stickiness. We built our A-Card loyalty program to enhance our engagement with guests and provide them with a unique and personalized experience. As of December 31, 2023, our A-Card loyalty program had over 63 million registered individual members.
  • Proprietary data and technology capabilities. To provide our customers with personalized services and products, we have developed a comprehensive digital management system, which improves customer experience and operational efficiency in room reservation, room management, pricing and membership benefits.


In addition, we are the first hotel chain in China to develop a scenario-based retail business, according to Frost & Sullivan. We design our guest room amenities, work closely with manufacturers to deliver quality products, and carefully place the relevant products in guest rooms. Each of our guest rooms incorporates a fully immersive shopping destination, enabling us to further strengthen our brand elasticity with our guests.